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What readers say about the Good Hotel Guide

‘Can I say that what an absolutely wonderful book the Good Hotel Guide is? Indeed, I can’t think of a book which over the years has given me more pleasure – I’ve been buying it for about 35 years now.’ Michael Crick

‘The GHG remains a beacon of sanity and hope in a cacophonous world. It is also entertaining.’ Nigel Rodgers, founder of Pipedown, and anti-muzak campaigner.

‘Thanks for your great work — we love your taste and recommendations and have stayed in many of your suggested hotels.’  Meredith Dunham-Wilmot, Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

‘As we come out of the COVID nightmare the GHG is worth its weight in gold!’ Chris Savory

‘I just want to say thank you, the guide is my bible and I feel a duty to contribute wherever I can.  As you comment in the book, readers contributions are the lifeblood of the guide and I am delighted do my bit.’ Peter Anderson.

‘I have used The Good Hotel Guide for the last 10 years and I have never once been let down. My experience and enjoyment of the UK has been significantly enhanced and without fail, I source an area or location by specific reference to your Guide.’  Grant Dixon

‘Thank you for all that Guide does. It is always our first port of call when we need somewhere to stay.’ Catherine Held

‘Thanks so much for everything you do towards keeping the hotel industry going. Armed with your guide and updating it from the relevant web site still makes for the perfect way to plan and book such a trip. .May I just add that I particularly like the format of your latest guide. The photographs add greatly to the absolute joy of reading the reports.’  Ian White

‘We have never been disappointed by any of the hotels we visited as shown in the guide.’
Roger Evans, Bridgnorth.

‘Your Good Hotel guide is my bible for choosing places to stay.’ Dr John D Lee

‘I cannot tell you how much we rely on your guide. We are next going to Cornwall and Wales in September for 4 weeks – and I used your guide at least 90% of the time.’  Sally Mehalko, Florida, USA.

‘The Guide has been an essential companion for 40 years or so, and it’s difficult to imagine being without it. I’ve been introduced to wonderful hotels.  Long may you thrive.’ Tony Hall.

Thank you for producing such an informative guide. I rely on its contents. Paul Jackson

‘Thank you for another invaluable edition of the Guide: at our side whenever we travel in the UK.’ Tony and Ginny  Ayers

‘I’ve used the Guide for decades. Terrific research!’ Dana Clay, North Carolina, USA

‘I think it is an outstanding publication.’ Susan S Leinberger, USA

‘I am impressed by the huge amount of work which has gone into making the Guide.’ George Beckmann

‘We like quirky hotels/B&Bs or places a little different [like the Old Station] from the run of the mill good stuff usually found in your guide, we like your website so can safely avoid buying the guide itself!’ Brendan Gibb-Gray

‘“We really enjoy your guide thank you, you have taken us to places we wouldn’t have found ourselves.’ Jill Cox

‘Without the Good Hotel Guide we would not have found any of the places where we stayed. It is good to learn just how efficient and how reliable you are.’ David Ganz

‘I think the GHG is a marvellous book, and we rely on it so much.’ Simon Rodway

‘Thanks to the Guide for giving us a very memorable trip to Kent and East Sussex local areas…I almost always sat at your hotels when travelling round the UK. Richard Bright.

‘Here’s hoping that the current situation will encourage more people to rely on the experience, objective assessment and genuine regard for hospitality offered by the Good Hotel Guide.’ Sue and John Jenkinson, former owners of the Evesham Hotel.

‘The GHG deserves its high reputation for ethical reviews because you don’t indulge in this subterfuge (free hospitality).’ Chris Savory, Dorset.

‘We always look forward to reading the Guide. The only one that we can rely on.’ Suzanne Lyons

‘As always, the Good Hotel Guide is a mix of reviews of well-known hotels and a few interesting new places, or places very much on the up. It is well written and edited, with enough personal comments to make each entry interesting. The Editor’s pick sections are always a must for me. Each time that I follow one up, I find it to be as good as the review suggests.’ Amazon review.

‘Many thanks for sending the copy. I was able to book into four places in your delightful guide. It has served me well over the years.’ Kate Puttnam, Massachusetts, USA.

‘I am looking forward to to my 2019 Guide, my wife and I have been keen supporters for many years, you do a great job.’ David Reed

‘Keep up the great work with the guide – needed more that ever in this fantasy Trip Advisor world.’ Ingle Dawson

‘The Good Hotel Guide is the best hotel guide I have ever used. Straight up and honest’. Michael Eldridge

‘I am a regular user of the Guide which I find invaluable.’ Michael Kirwan

‘Your guide has always been too reliable to ignore.’ Tom Mann

‘Thank you for your superb guide. It has saved my sanity on more than one trip filming and finding sanctuary in a warm, friendly place with decent food.’ Don Gee

‘Thank you for the many stays I had by your recommendation. Strength to your arms! David Humphreys.

‘We are visiting from Australia and find it invaluable in planning our annual UK driving tours. Colin Adams, Sydney, New South Wales.

‘Our continued thanks for the wonderful GHG, which continues to enhance our holidays so much.’ Tony & Ginny Ayers.

A lot of companies could take a lesson from your speed of response and clarity! You know how to maintain loyal readers. Paul Phillips

‘Very best of luck with the new edition – as entertaining as it is essential!’ Nigel Rogers, Pipedown.

‘We are firm believers in the Guide which we feel is the only one that offers really accurate and independent advice to the discriminating traveller.’ Jeanette and David Leibling

I have been purchasing copies of the Good Hotel Guide for over thirty years, and still find it a most valuable resource, even in the Internet Age. Paul Coopersmith, One-of-a-Kind Tours, Californiia

‘I have used the GHG for decades and rarely refer to any other publication…there is no other.’ Douglas Adamson

‘The Guide has been a great help over so many years.’ Bill Wood

‘The GHG has been our hotel ‘Bible’ for many years. It has never let us down.’ June and Martin Bailey.

‘One of the pleasures of the Good Hotel Guide is that it introduces us to delightful places which we would not otherwise have found.’ Mary Hewson.

‘Keep up the good work as the only sensible independent guide’. Iain Nesbitt

‘I find the Good Hotel Guide wonderfully useful.’ Simon Rodway

‘Keep to your standards…they are invaluable to the independent traveler.’ Claire Lavery.

‘I am a regular reader of the GHG and find it by far the most reliable of the guides to hotels in the UK…Your reviews are a joy to to read and generally meet the cardinal requirement of accuracy.’ Fred Cornell

‘We only stay in hotels you include in your guide because of the honest appraisal you provide.’ Gill Todd

‘Thank God for the Good Hotel Guide for directing us to these places. So many of the numerous guides on the market have an odour of sponsorship about them.’ Michael Wace

‘No one in their right mind would go near a hotel without your advice.’ David Taylor

‘As ever the GHG is priceless. Or, in words often heard here in the Deep South, now taken generically as referring to the book, its editors and its contributors: ‘You da MAN!’ American reader.

‘My husband can’t understand why I spend so much time writing reports (for you), but your guide is still by far the best way to find a hotel and so I feel an obligation. And it’s fun too!’ Susan Hanley, New York, USA

‘I just wanted to say a big thanks for producing such a very honest guide to genuinely good hotels in the UK.’ Tim Askew.

‘Too many hours on the internet searching for hotels when you do it in one. That’s why I had to buy the Guide again.’ Caroline Roots.

‘We are very pleased to have discovered the Guide as I would rather pay for value than sponsor an interfering geezer on the front steps wearing a top hat.’ Dr Franklin Trevarthen.

‘I very much look forward to getting the new Guide in the autumn. I so much enjoy it, much better than a novel.’ Moira Jarrett.

‘The Guide is one of the few reliable sources that one can consult.’ Stanley Salmons

‘I know that I can pick up my copy of the Good Hotel Guide and choose a hotel that has been selected without bias. It may not always be to our taste, but we read between the lines, and rarely fail in our choice.’ GC

‘I think that The Good Hotel Guide is such a great resource for travelers going to the UK because of the criteria explained on your website. It is hard to find a non-biased source when it comes to travel these days!’ Jane Natale, Imagine Communications

‘The Guide is always my first port of call when looking for a hotel.’ Catherine Held

‘At a time when many hotels must find it difficult to maintain standards and make a profit, it is wonderful that the Guide continues to point the way with style, wit, and wisdom.’ Charles Gorer

‘We have always found the Guide entirely reliable.’ John Walton

‘I always use the Good Hotel Guide as it is the only totally reliable and independent guide to excellent places to stay so keep up the good work.’ Tess Allen

‘Without the Good Hotel Guide, I would not have found most of the hotels I now stay in Britain’, Professsor Wolfgang Stroebe, Utrecht.

‘We’ve always found the Guide to be such a trusted source, enabling us to enjoy some gems of hotels over the years, so we’re keen to support it, especially to introduce new places for others to enjoy and support.’ Stephen Glover

‘We rely on the GHG which seldom lets us down.’ Peter Hutchinson

‘Many thanks for the continuing excellence of the Good Hotel Guide. It has been our constant companion and most trusted advisor for over 30 years.’ Tony and Virginia Ayers.

‘We love the Good Hotel Guide and depend on it to find places to stay.’ Veronica and Dave Lewis.

‘The GHG is a marvellous production. I took it to bed last night’ Trevor Lockwood


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Last updated: June 15, 2024